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Teodulija -Vino Istine -

Monday, November 2, 2009 ·

Teodulija is an ethno music and dance company which assimilates traditional and contemporary Serbian music with dance.The band was formed by: IVICA STOJANOVIC and BRANKO ISAKOVIC, musicians with great experience in truly different music fields. Becoming friends through maturing, they share mutual love towards their own roots, contemporary music and God. Theodulia (originating from two words in Ancient Greek: Theos-Doulos, Service to God) represents life oriented towards God, the truth, the eternal, everlasting... “Clearly there can be no greater honor on earth for people or peoples than to serve their Creator...”“All things serve Thee” (Ps. 119:19)... THEODULIA – service to God – is purpose of our personal and family life, heights and path for Heavenly kingdom... Theodulia is the main characteristic of all Serbian rulers of the Nemanjic dynasty. “The slave of Christ God” – this is how they used to call themselves and sign documents. They were all slaves of Christ and God; they were all theodules, servants of God. Thus Sava set them all on their path, Nemanja gave them all an example, and the spirit of God strengthened them on that path. (St. Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich – “The Serbian People as a Servant of God”).

01. Zaigrale, mamo, devojčinja ( narodna, vokal: Madam Piano, Nevena Reljin, Teodulija)
02. Zemi me, zemi (narodna, vokal: Mirjana Jovanović)
03. Đorđe (narodna, vokal: Iva Nenić i Sanja Kunjadić – grupa Arhai)
04. Kosovski božurovi (D. Nikolić, vokal: Jordan Nikolić)
05. Gugutka guka vo osoje (narodna, vokal: Merima Njegomir)
06. Bađang – tam deka ima (narodna, vokal:Teodulija)
07. Čoček ( I. Stojanović, klarinet: Ivica Mit)
08. Ječam žnjela kosovska devojka (narodna, vokal. Vasilija Radojčić, Teodulija)
09. O včar sam devet godini ( narodna, vokal: Aleksandar Vasov)
10. Krstonoše krsti nose (I. Stojanović, vokal:Dejan Najdanović – Najda, Hor Sv. Nikola)
11. Poletela dva sokola (narodna, vokali:Dečiji hor PBPD, gusle:Boško Vujačić)
12. Pesma kosovskih junaka (D. Karuović – Lj. Simović, vokal: Teodulija)
13. Stihira Sv. Savi (narodna, vokal:Aleksandar Novaković)
14. Koloplet (I. Stojanović)



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