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Ali Jihad Racy & Simon Shaheen - Taqasim The Art of Improvisation in Arabic Music

Sunday, November 1, 2009 ·

In the realm of Middle and Near-Eastern Instrumental music, not many individuals are able to receive as much widespread acknowledgement as being the "The Best", as do Simon Shaheen (Ud or Oud), and the Lebanese born Ali Jihad Racy (Buzaq). Dr. Racy's now famous composition "ANCIENT EGYPT" and his other subsequent achievements have practically re-defined the role that traditional Middle-Eastern styles and sounds can have in contemporary instrumental music. Simon Shaheen, also an extremely active, internationally renown master performer and stylist is becoming in creasingly recognized as a powerful force in World Music with his brilliant interpretations of Arabic music, both as a soloist and with his group. These two master musicians, each of whom possess not only in credible talent and skill, but who are also informed by a vast knowledge of the styles and traditions of both Eastern and Western music, perform here together, in a memorable Journey into traditional Arabic instrumental improvesation. TRACK LISTINGS (01) Maqam Kurd (02) Maqam Nahawand (03) Maqam Bayyati ALI JIHAD RACY - BUZUQ SIMON SHAHEEN - 'UD



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