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Teofilo Chantre - Azulando

Friday, July 17, 2009 ·

Teofilo Chantre; Cape Verdean singer/guitarist, first achieved widespread recognition as a songwriter on the albums of his compatriot Cesaria Evora. However, over the course of his solo albums for Lusafrica Chantre has gained much-deserved praise as an artist in his own right, and today, he is now considered one of Cape Verde's best known artists. The title of Chantre's new album, Azulando, translates as 'blueness.' Indeed, melodic beauty and harmonic sophistication imbue all his songs with the sodade for which the music of his homeland is famed, a notion of sadness inherent in the national style of morna. Azulando includes duets with Cesaria Evora and Bonga.

01. Bola Azul
02. Nada Mas Nada Menos
03. Des Bleuets Dans Les Bles
04. Mae Pa Fidje
05. Amor Dum So
06. Canta Cabo verde
07. Promessa
08. Segredo Na Luar
09. Hoje
10. Vadiamundo
11. Fonte Di Nha Sodade
12. Encanto Di Cretcheu
13. Um Novo Amor



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