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Sundays Are For Jazz 1

Friday, July 17, 2009 ·

This CD sampler from the Triloka label includes 12 mainstream jazz selections specifically picked as perfect background music for a quiet Sunday morning. Among the highlights are "I'll Keep Loving You" performed by Freddie Redd, "My Funny Valentine" by Ritchie Beirach, "Flamenco Sketches" by George Coleman, and "Summertime" by the Andy Laverne Quartet. ~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide.

(01) [Summertime - Andy Laverne Quartet] Summertime - Andy Laverne Quartet
(02) [Flamenco Sketches - Richie Beirach & George Coleman] Flamenco Sketches - Richie Beirach & George Coleman
(03) [Three Graces - Jeff Beal Quartet] Three Graces - Jeff Beal Quartet
(04) [Sunday Song - Richie Beirach] Sunday Song - Richie Beirach
(05) [Lonely - Dave Kikoski] Lonely - Dave Kikoski
(06) [Some Other Time - Richie Beirach] Some Other Time - Richie Beirach
(07) [For B.C. - Richie Beirach and George Coleman] For B.C. - Richie Beirach and George Coleman
(08) [Someday My Prince will Come - Andy Laverne Quartet] Someday My Prince will Come - Andy Laverne Quartet
(09) [My Funny Valintine - Richie Beirach] My Funny Valintine - Richie Beirach
(10) [I'll Keep Loving You - Freddie Redd] I'll Keep Loving You - Freddie Redd
(11) [For Miles - Jeff Beal Quartet] For Miles - Jeff Beal Quartet
(12) [Presistant Dreams - Dave Kikoski] Presistant Dreams - Dave Kikoski




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