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Sanja Ilic and Balkanika - Balkan 2000

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 ·

Traditional Balkan folklore music themes interpreted with a contemporary slant. 'Music performed by Balkanika is inspired by the folklore of the Balkans. Old music tunes from Balkan with splendid musicians playing traditional instruments, modernly orchestrated, performing music which conjures the atmosphere of the Balkans region, in a new attire for the new millennium.... Balkan 2000 is a piece composed as a modern expression inspired by the sacral and profane music of the Balkans, or more precisely with Byzantine Commonwealth, with an accent on Serbia and regions inhabited by Serbs, through the folklore, harmonies and musical instruments of our region including the flute, kaval, clarinet, ud, shaz, gusle, goch, bagpipes and djumbus combined with the piano and the author Sanja Ilic as soloist. ... The music is inspired by the sacral heritage of the Balkans, by the optimism and frivolity of the folklore. Although treated as a modern project, the author tried to produce the atmosphere of times far behind us and that each number creates for the listener the atmosphere and images of events. The harmony of the musicianship gave the composer the idea to name this group of musicians Balkanika and, fronted with his own instrument - the piano, lead the band to play in various concert halls in the country and abroad.'


01. Kermes
02. Balkan 2000
03. Violet Saz
04. Simonida
05. Hilandar
06. Theodora
07. Khazars Road
08. Tashana
09. Slow Cocek
10. Jelena
11. Epilogue
12. Anathema



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