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Erik Marchand & Rodolphe Burger - Before Bach

Sunday, May 24, 2009 ·

Born of an unlikely wedding between tradition and electricity, this chance meeting shows that only open-mindedness and lack of prejudice are creative. We hear the whole range of possible crossovers between the realm of modal music and Blues harmonic approach in that surprising process that might be the first successful meeting of Rock with Brittany’s folk music with tunes such as the “blues de Poulaouen” or “Before Bach”, where Erik Marchand sings on Rodolphe Burger’s guitars linked to Mehdi Haddad’s electric oud. “Zalizomé”, adapted from Greek folk music as gathered by Eric Marchand. “Phobic Flight”, written by Burger where you can hear Marchand sing in Breton language. “Gheorge”, a Balkan marvel easternalized by Mehdi Haddad, etc.


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