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Kroke: Ten Pieces To Save The World

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 ·

The Polish trio of Tomasz Kukurba (viola; violin; voice; wind instruments; whistling; piano; percussion; mouth percussion), Jerzy Bawol (accordion), Tomasz Lato (double bass) present music on this 2003 recording that may not save the world, but will certainly make it a more interesting place to visit!

Tomasz Kukurba: viola; violin; voice; wind instruments; whistling; piano; percussion; mouth percussion

Jerzy Bawol: accordion

Tomasz Lato: double bass

Guest musicians: Jacek Królik: guitar solo (1); Slawomir Berny: percussion (1, 3)

* 1. Sun (Kukurba) 6:06

* 2. Desert (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato) 5:33

* 3. Childhood (Bawol) 3:28

* 4. Cave (Kukurba/Bawol/Grela/Lato) 6:32

* 5. Usual happiness (Kukurba) 5:45

* 6. Take it easy (Kukurba/Lato/Bawol/Grela) 5:35

* 7. Mountains (Bawol/Kukurba/Grela) 4:53

* 8. Dream (Lato) 2:59

* 9. Light in the darkness - T4.2 (Kukurba/Bawol/Lato/Grela) 6:58

* 10. Hope (Kukurba) 3:14

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