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Ali azzam -Niyaz

Sunday, November 1, 2009 ·

Azam Ali, who sings with the duo Vas, has one of the most seductive and effortlessly disciplined altos active on the world stage. Now based in Los Angeles, she is a child of three cultures, Indian, Persian (Iranian) and American, so her music encompasses a triple conundrum. She is joined by Loga Ramin Torkian of Axiom of Choice, who has mastered an impressive array of traditional instruments from Europe, Turkey and his native Iran, and Grammy-winning producer/remixer Carmen Rizzo. The project was inspired by Sufi devotional poems written in Farsi (Persian) or Urdu, which is spoken in much of India and Pakistan. Although interpreted through ultra-modern beats and ambient drones, the traditional material reigns supreme, bringing a sense of adventurous continuity to grooves that, in less inspired hands, could well have emerged slap-dash and prosaic. Unlike most tracks intended for nightclubs, these are as compulsively listenable as they are danceable. Product Description Niyaz is an acoustic electronic project that brings together three prominent musical figures to form an exciting new fusion of traditional Persian music and modern electronics.. Vocalist and composer Azam Ali, one of the founding members of the acclaimed group Vas was born in Iran, raised in India and moved to The United State as a teenager. Multi instrumentalist and composer Ramin (Loga) Torkian of Axiom of Choice was also born in Iran and moved to the United states as a teenager. His extensive travels combined with his in-depth understanding of Persian music and Indian culture and spirituality have enabled him to cultivate a sound that is extremely authentic, yet can lend itself to the modern framework within which the music is created. Twice Grammy nominee producer/ remixer Carmen Rizzo is one of the most in demand producer- programmers on the electronic dance scene today. He has worked with artists ranging from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Khaled, Seal, Paul Oakenfold & Cirque du soleil bringing his unique approach to beats and electronic textures. These three veteran masters have all experienced success on their own and have found a new common ground in Niyaz where the mystical poetry of Urdu and Persian Sufi poets of the 14th and 15th century forms the lyrical framework for a fresh new musical adventure.
  • Allahi Allah

  • Arezou

  • Dilruba

  • Dunya

  • Ghazal

  • Golzar

  • In The Shadow of Life

  • Minara

  • Nahan ''The Hidden''

  • The Hunt


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