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[25]. World Music Library, KICC 5186 - Japan - Biwa, The World of Tsuruta Kinshi

Friday, September 25, 2009 ·

The disc is the last recording made by Tsuruta Kinshi, 18 October 1993. Ottantaduenne now, the great interpreter of satsumas biwa could no longer play his instrument because of rheumatic pain in the hands and then in the songs collected here is running only the voice, the biwa accompanied by three of his students. Only a week after registration, Tsuruta Kinshi was struck by a cerebral infarction, died April 4, 1995. It is therefore natural that the booklet that came with your CD (in Japanese and English) devotes space off the commemoration of the great musician. Narabe Kazumi briefly recounts the long and troubled career Tsuruta Kinshi: its rapid assertion in his youth as a great virtuous of biwa, his sharp retreat from music scene when he was just 25 years old (seems to understand because of friction with the environments traditional music) to manage a club nigth in downtown Tôkyô, his meeting with Takemitsu Tôru and its decision to resume the concert (at the age of 53 years); recalls its character and decided his great energy as interpreter and teacher; especially remembers her very personal style and the many technical innovations made to the executive and the same construction of the instrument, which it used not only in music but also in traditional compositions by contemporary authors. A second article is signed by the same Tôru Takemitsu, which recalls the circumstances of his meeting with Tsuruta Kinshi in 1964, when the composer was looking for a performer biwa for a scene of the film Kaidan, of which he was composing the soundtrack; this meeting was the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between two musicians who exert a profound influence on both of them and produce works that became internationally famous as Eclipse and November Steps.



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