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Legends Of Syrian Music

Monday, July 20, 2009 ·

  • Ahmad Al-Qabbani (1836-1902): Commonly known as Abu Khalil al-Qabbani. A pioneer of modern Arab theatre. Born in Damascus. He revived the art of Mouwashahat and the traditional Samah dance. His first play Naker Al-Jameel was performed in Khan Assaad Pasha in Damascus, and was criticized by the city's conservatives. He moved to Cairo, Egypt in 1883 and stayed there for 17 years, during which he performed many musicals. In 1900, he returned to Damascus to perform more plays. This year is considered the date of birth of the Syrian theatre.
  • Omar Naqichbendi:Very little is known about 'Omar Naqichbendi, and this was his only full-length recording, made when he was quite elderly. Although he was self-taught, and neither studied nor taught at a conservatory or academy, he was widely regarded as an absolute master of traditional Arab maqamat and modulation, and was frequently consulted by other leading artists who sought to perfect their art. Such was his status that he was often called the Prince of 'ud in Damascus, and the Patriarch of Syrian music. His art was the product of rigorous and precise self-education with the aim, as he modestly expressed himself, only to become a connoisseur himself. He was the premier soloist for Syrian television and performed often for t.v. His style is remarkable for sustaining the ancient musical tradition of Damascus, which had been for many centuries the center of Islamic artistic culture.
  • Abd Elsalam Safar: The Master of Syrian Nai
  • Sobhi Jaroor: First Violinist of Syria

Ahmad Al-Qabbani | Omar Naqichbendi | Abd Elsalam Safar | Sobhi Jaroor

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