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Abdulrahman Surizehi & Javid Afsari Rad - Karvan

Thursday, July 23, 2009 ·

The group Karvan plays music that is a meeting with the Persian and the Baluchi regions. Two of the five musicians comes from the cultural city Esfahan in Iran, two are from Baluchistan which include South-East Iran, South Afghanistan of South-West of Pakistan and on from Karachi in Pakistan. Abdulrahman Surizehi is considered a world-leading virtuoso on Benju. Sufi trance music from Baluchistan is their main expression but with a strong mixture with Persian classical music on Santour. Accompanied by percussion instruments like Tombak, Doholak, Tanburag and Tabla.

Abdulrahman Surizehi is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest musical ambassadors for Balochistan, a region that spans an area covering parts of eastern Iran, western Pakistan and southern Afghanistan.
A virtuoso on his instrument, the benju, Surizehi first came to Norway in 1987 and has since established himself as a solo performer and a vital contributor to Norwegian acts such as Karvan and Combonations. 2005 saw the release of Surizehi’s first proper release, ‘Love Songs and Trance Music from Balochistan’ (EM), an album that in addition to rave reviews earned Surizehi the prestigious German award ‘Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ for best world music album. 2006 saw Surizehi receiving the coveted Folkelarm Awards in the ‘open class’.

Born in Isfahan, Iran, Javid Afsari Rad began studying the Santur and the traditional Persian Radif at the age of sixteen with Parviz Meshkatian and master musician Faramarz Puyvar. His studies led him to Norway, where he later graduated from the University of Oslo in the field of Musicology. Javid’s illustrious career includes solo performances in notable world music festivals in Bayreut, Germany, India, Brazil, South Africa and Holland as well as ensemble work with world known musicians, Pt. Hariprasad, Dr. L. Subramaniam and Chourasia among others. In Norway, where he has lived since 1986, Javid is known as an innovative performer and an ingenious composer. His highly acclaimed work in 2002 included the album COMBONATIONS featuring well known musicians from Iran, India, China, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia and Brazil and the album CARAVAN with musicians from Iran and India. In the same year, Javid conceived and composed the music for the live concert,
ASIATIC CARAVAN featuring musicians and dancers from Iran, China and India, which was performed on tour in Norway. Javid has appeared with Zarbang in numerous prestigious festivals throughout Europe. Through his affiliation with a number of Norwegian Arts Organizations, Javid has composed soundtracks for film and theater.

01. Shervandi zahirig baho, ballok ordok
02. Kordi zahirig zemol kar zahirig vesal (trad baluchi)
03. Damali - leyro (baluchi trance music)
04. Dastgah nava avaz and composition in 4/4 beat
05. Damali (baluchi trance music)
06. Karvan - free improvisation on santur and benju
07. Ghazal - improvisations on baluchi folksong
08. Tabla solo (trad)
09. Tombak solo (trad)
10. South indian folk melody 3,43 (trad indian) charmezrab mahoor (trad persian)

Javid Afsari Rad - Santor
Abdulrahman Surizehi - Benju, Soroud
Jamil Ahmad Magsi - Doholak, Tabla
Ghulam Muhammad - Tanburag
Majid Hesabi - Tombak



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