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Trio Fado - Com que voz

Thursday, June 25, 2009 ·

If you are looking for the musical expression of the Portuguese within ethnic music, you’ll find the Fado: an urban and emotional music, rich in melancholy and longing. Trio Fado plays this music with big devotion, leading the audience to old Lisbon, which becomes experienceable through their songs.
The musicians of Trio Fado connect Berlin in which they live, with Portugal, their common native country. With her yearning voice Maria Carvalho literally dives into the profound songs of the Fado. António de Brito cantillates the male version of the Fado with strong and smoky temperament. Daniel Pircher, an Austrian who went to school in Portugal, generates the absolutely essential sound of the Fado on his twelve string Guitarra Portuguesa, gently flattering around the voice. With his cello arrangements the "fourth trio member” Benjamin Walbrodt gives to the Fado evening a classical quality.
The Trio Fado interprets famous Fados of different epochs with their own arrangements. In their compositions and texts the group preserves the old form of the Fados and intensifies them by the influence of the musical experiences of the musicians. The variety of the instrumentation and the lyrical appeal of the lyrics enrich the earthy, original form of the Fados.

Maria Carvalho | vocals
Maria Carvalho grew up in a village close to Porto. At that time traditional, as well as pop music was an integral part of everyday life in Portugal. Singing was a natural form of the expression of the people. To escape the pinched circumstances Maria moved to London and Paris for Au-Pair jobs and finally came to Berlin where she lives till now. Here she also gave birth to her son Lucas. With the time the longing to Portugal became stronger and stronger.
By the meeting with António de Brito, who sang Portuguese songs long since in restaurants and in parties, Maria Carvalho also found a possibility to maintain the connection with her native country. If she closes her eyes while singing, she allows the pictures of recollection to rise to the surface and let the audience take part in it with her songs.

António de Brito | vocals and guitar
António de Brito sings the male version of the Fado with strong and smoky temperament since the early 90s in the Portuguese restaurants of Berlin.

Daniel Pircher | portuguese guitar
Daniel Pircher was born in Berlin, moved to Portugal at age of ten and at the age of eleven he learned to play to the guitar. Three years later he founded his first rock band with self composed songs. In addition he played in the bass for the audio productions of his father Armin Pircher (Amor Perfeito), who devoted himself to Portuguese music. This influence led to the fact that Daniel, in spite of various rock and pop formations, formed the Portuguese group „Filhos da madrugada“ in 1996 in which he played the classical guitar.
From summer 1998 he started dealing intensely with the Mongolian music and learned the traditional overtone singing. At the same time he had a small label, produced electronic music and published various Techno sampler. In 2000 he started to play the Portuguese guitar and founded the group Fado Incorporated and later it’s successor, the Trio Fado. In the same year he also founded, as a singer and guitarist together with the cellist Benjamin Walbrodt, the group Extravagante and presents a program with multi-faceted own compositions and interpretations of pieces of José Afonso and other Portuguese composers.
In 2003 the group Terrakottonium followed, in which he uses his overtone singing and Crete stoneware sound jugs, which hang in a 4m2 big and 3 m high metal scaffolding.

01. Disse-te adeus
02. Madrugada de alfama
03. Que Deus me perdoe
04. Con que voz
05. Vivo na noite
06. A saudade é como o vento
07. Asa negra
08. O fado é a Mouraria
09. Grao de arroz
10. Foi Deus
11. Guitarrada
12. Barco negro



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