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Jiva Mukti (1994)

Monday, June 29, 2009 ·

Bruce BecVar, an extraordinarily gifted multi-instrumentalist and composer has just released his most masterful work to date: River of Gold. On this, his 12th album, the master guitarist has reached a new pinnacle of artistic achievement in songwriting, musicianship and production values. Listeners will be swept away by the albums fluid guitar, melodic keyboards, and subtle percussive accents. The albums New Age Fusion sound and glimmer of exotic vocals makes it a natural for both New Age and smooth jazz fans. A seeker and healer as well as an artist, BecVar makes music for its effect on peoples lives. Listeners report feeling uplifted, soothed and joyful on hearing his music. Composing and recording is for me a very spiritual practice, says BecVar. It is an exacting process of listening to the creative impulses of Spirit and being diligent about translating what I hear into a finished recording that captures that original essence in its most undiluted form.

Jiva Mukti (1994) Tracklist

1. Praise to Tara
2. Atmalingam
3. Guru Brahma
4. Tathagata
5. Heart Sutra
6. Jiva Mukti
7. Narayanaya
8. Omkaram
9. Isha Vasyam
10. Kalachakra



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