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Hamid Khezri - Le dotar du Khorassan

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 ·

Hamid Khezri, dotar player and singer, is renowned as a versatile musician equally at home in a wide range of musical styles ranging from the folk music of his North Khorassan home, the Sufi music of the South Khorassan deserts and the troubadour traditions of the mountains of North Khorassan to original compositions and a variety of cross-over projects. Whether as a soloist or as a member of various ensemble, he always excels by his virtuosity, high musicality, strong and varied rhythms and moving melodies. Hamid Khezri was born in 1969 in Quchan, the musical centre of North Khorassan Persia. He learned to play the dotar, the most important instrument of the region, and went to study with the great masters of that two-stringed long-necked lute, such as Haji Hossein Yeganeh, Golafruz and Hamrah Bakhshi. Engaging in music-ethnological research, he became familiar with the various traditions and playing techniques not only from the north but also from the south of the province. Owing to his deep knowledge of the music and firmly rooted in tradition, Hamid Khezri was able to develop a playing technique of his own. He thus created his own highly unique style of playing the dotar. Hamid Khezri has toured the US, Canada and Europe together with prominent artists. He currently lives in Germany.

track listing
01. Nasihat (maqâm)
02. Leyli O Leylâne (tarâne)
03. Ayla Ayesh (maqâm)
04. Fati Jân (tarâne)
05. Jeblaq, Dust Mohammad (maqâm)
06. Ata Margân Shekartchi (maqâm)
07. Navâ'i (maqâm)
08. Gerayli (maqâm)
09. Sakine (tarâne)
10. Jajoh Khân (tarâne)
11. Fatme Jân (tarâne)
12. Armana Susey (tarâne)
13. Shâh Yuli (maqâm)



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