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David Saltiel - Canciones Judeo-Espanoles de Tesalonica

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 ·

Sephardic songs from Salonica, Greece, sung by one of the more respected vocalists from the folk-music side of the genre, and accompanied by a fine ensemble of ud, quanun, violin, frame drum and lyra. The musicians: David Saltiel: Vocals Markos Skoulios: Ud Jorgos Mavrommatis: Quanun Jorgos Psaltis: Violin Leftheris Pavlou: Frame Drum Nikos Tzannis-Ginnerup: Lyra

Introducción (Introduction)
01. La Serena (The siren)
02. La Huérfana del prisionero (The orphan of the prisoner)
03. La Llamada De La Morena (The call of the dark haired)
04. El incendio de Salonica (The fire of Salonika)
05. La Madre Comprensiva (The understanding mother)
06. La Cigarrera (The tobacco girl)
07. El Encalador (The white washer)
08. La Galana Y La Mar (The bride and the sea)
09. El Testamento de Hamán (The testament of Haman
10. La Caída de Hamán (The fall of Haman)
11. La Alegria De Jaco (The joy of Jaco)
12. Dia De Alhad (First day of the week)
13. El Parto Feliz (The happy childbirth)


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