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The Music of Islam, Vol. 8: Folkloric Music of Tunisia

Monday, April 13, 2009 ·

Recorded in a house in the medina, the old quarter of the city of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, this volume features the traditional instruments and songs of the folkloric music of Tunisia which thrive as a living testament to the wide spectrum of cultures and practices across the World of Islam. Performed by the Lotfi Jormana Group, this volume features the melodic mizwid—Tunisian bagpipe played in the central regions of Tunisia accompanied by percussion. The mizwid has two melody pipes and no drone pipes. In instrumental music the long flowing melodies of the mizwid seem to soar above the pulse of the percussion group. In vocal music, the mizwid echoes, punctuates, and connects individual vocal phrases. The members of the group include: Lotfi Jormana, the group leader and vocalist; Abdessalem Zarga, mizwid player; Fathi Bouguera, tabal (double-headed cylindrical drum); Fathi Dahleb, bendir (circular framedrum); Hichem Sallemi, darabukkah (drum); and Khaled Bekir, tar (tambourine).


[01]. Medley
[02]. Mawwal 1
[03]. Baba Salem
[04]. Leliri Ya Mana Lotfi Jormana
[05]. Hay Leli Leli and Ala Bab Souika
[06]. Guelb Ely Yehwek
[07]. Mawwal 2
[08]. Dhaouit Ayemek and Ma Indich Zahar
[09]. Nemdah Laktab



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