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The Music of Islam, Vol. 10: Qur'ân Recitation, Istanbul, Turkey

Thursday, April 16, 2009 ·

Featuring five of the best reciters in Turkey, this volume in The Music of Islam series focuses on the recitation of the Qur'an, as the title implies. Producer David Parsons has remarkably captured the spiritual essence of this ancient and time–honored tradition. Hafiz Kani Karaca is one of Turkey's greatest Qur'an reciters and has represented Turkey in recitation competitions in other Islamic countries. Hafiz Huseyin Erek is the leader of the Sisli Mosque Foundation of Istanbul. Hafiz Kadir Konya is a famous reciter who also represents religious business interests on the Istanbul City Council. Hafiz Dr. Emin Isik is a Professor of Qur'an recitation and commentary on Qur'an (Tefsir) at the Theology Faculty of Marmara University. He is one of Turkey's best-known proponents of Qur'an recitation. Co–producer Al-Sheikh Nail Kesova is the Leader of the Galata Mevlevi Ensemble (the world famous Whirling Dervishes), a composer in the Turkish mystic music tradition, and a well–known singer and reciter of Turkish mystic and religious music.


[01]. LISTENEzan (Call to Prayer) / Hafíz Hüseyin Erek
[02]. LISTENFatiha (The Opening Chapter) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[03]. LISTENBaqara I (The Heifer) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[04]. LISTENBaqara 2 (During Ascension) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[05]. LISTENFurqan (The Distinction) / Hafíz Hüseyin Erek
[06]. LISTENYa-Sin / Hafíz Dr. Emin Isak
[07]. LISTENRahman (Most Gracious) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[08]. LISTENHashr (The Banishment) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[09]. LISTENAsr (The Ages) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[10]. LISTENIkhlas (Purity of Faith) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[11]. LISTENFalaq (The Dawn) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[12]. LISTENNas (Mankind) / Hafíz Kani Karaca
[13]. LISTENTekbir (Unification) / Al-Sheikh Nail Kesova



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